Market Strategy Workbook 3: Strategic Marketing Approach

This workbook is part three of a three-part series covering market strategy. It is designed specifically for entrepreneurs in the high-tech space. Each part of the series, or “Building Block,” adds to the foundation of the previous one:


Market Strategy Workbook 3: Strategic Marketing Approach helps you generate the final pieces of your market strategy. The exercises will help you identify and describe the five variables that are critical for executing your market strategy. Download and use this workbook to:

  • Identify your competition.
  • Uncover strategic partnerships.
  • Create a distribution strategy.
  • Determine a pricing model.
  • Pinpoint your market positioning.

This market strategy workbook also helps you with business planning. As you work through the guide, you will create most of the analytical information required to create a business plan, a pitch deck and other documents that are required if you are seeking external financing.



MaRS workbooks are comprised of two elements―the workbook guide, which contains instructions, examples and activities, and the workbook template, in which you can write your responses. You can personalize the workbook template by adding your company name and logo.


Workbook Guide
Contains instructions, examples and activities.
Workbook Template
Write your responses and keep for your company’s records. 
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