5 healthy tips entrepreneurs need to enjoy holiday parties this Christmas season

The holiday season is upon us.  What better time to eat, drink and be merry? But wait…what do you feel like on January 2nd after weeks of indulgence, gluttony and guilty pleasures? Fresh as a daisy? Unless you’re living the simple life in a Mongolian yurt, you’re more than likely five to ten pounds heavier, and still burping up mushroom gravy.

So here are five nutritional tips to lessen the load, and increase the joy, throughout the holidays.

  1. Bring your own treats to share. If you know the host/hostess loves to deep fried treats covered in cheese, bring a healthier snack.  Of course, don’t insult anyone by saying that! Just offer something into the mix, such as a plate of homemade dips and whole grain crackers with raw milk or goat cheese (which is easy to digest due to its natural bacterial cultures) or fruit dipped in dark chocolate. Eat a bit of your dish and some of theirs. Check out the world’s healthiest foods website for amazing and healthy holiday recipe ideas.
  1. Don’t drink liquids, whether water, juice, alcohol or anything else, with your meals. Liquids dilute your stomach acid and cause indigestion, bloating and sometimes acid reflux.  Start with a drink when you arrive, then wait ten minutes and eat a plate of snacks.  Wait another ten minutes and then have a drink. This requires more thought,  but you will feel much better later!
  1. Choose protein sources. Eat cheese, fish, meat or nuts/seeds when you snack; don’t fill up on carbohydrates like crackers, chips, etc.  This will just make you hungry again in the matter of an hour, and you will graze the whole night.  Protein gives your body a steady source of energy, and makes you less inclined to stand at the food table all night.
  1. Eat before to the party. The body is not meant to eat humongous amounts of food at one sitting. If you have a snack before leaving you’ll be able to enjoy all the courses of food, yet avoid over filling your plate and your stomach.  This won’t reduce the enjoyment of the experience, rather it will help you savour the food, instead of inhaling your meal.  Check out more about the slow food movement here.
  1. Take digestive enzymes. There are certain times when the GI tract needs some help.  Digestive enzymes are naturally occurring aides that help the body break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. They give your body a helping hand if you indulge in rich foods, or bite off more than you’re used to.  Pick some up at a nearby health food store, take one or two before a meal, and you’ll notice a big difference.

One final note about the holidays:  release any guilt you may have about eating treats and extras — life is too short for chastising yourself over a cheese puff or homemade shortbread.  And don’t believe for a second that I won’t be eating my way through this month with full abandon! See you in January… a little rounder — but not too much.

Happy Holidays!

 Eleanor Healy is the founder of Truly Me-holistic support services for busy people. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Reiki Master/Teacher in Toronto with over a decade of experience supporting people during stressful times.  As a former child and youth care worker, she noticed that frequently her co-workers would fall ill from stress (including her). This experience motivated her to remind other caregivers and holistic practitioners not to forget their most precious clients-themselves! With plenty of experience successfully navigating the choppy waters of burnout, she offers practical tips on how to put yourself back together again and more importantly, how to stay balanced in a demanding world. Visit her website, www.trulyme.cafollow Eleanor on Facebook  and sign- up for the email list on her page-you’ll receive a free e-booklet with tips for staying healthy and balanced! Or email your questions/comments to