Talent for Tech: Recruiting the right people for your tech startup

“Your most important decision will be the first person you hire. Your second-most important decision will be the next person you hire.”

Many startups in the tech industry encounter this all-too-common advice. Founders are told time and time again to treat their talent as an investment, not a commodity, as investors often care more about the founding team than the product itself. Yet startups are daunted by the task of finding, hiring and retaining the right talent for their budding companies. What lies behind this? A shortage of developers and designers? Or a surplus of founders?

Read more about the recruitment challenges for tech startups in both Ontario and in the Valley.

We spoke to entrepreneurs, university graduates and HR professionals for their take on what works and what does not work when it comes to hiring for a tech startup. Click below to read the advice that’s most relevant for your company, based on the stage it’s at.

The proverbial ‘guy with an idea’, looking for a co-founder

Guy with an idea

Finding developers to build your product

Finding developers

Hiring A-Players, at a minimal salary


Scaling, and scaling fast


Bringing experienced hires on board

Experienced hires

Retaining employees

Retaining employees