#SBCGives: The 12 tasks of Christmas

For the first task of Christmas, Ask for Task gave to a group of freezing construct workers 12 warm cups of hot chocolate.

That was just the first installment of the Toronto-based startup’s “12 Tasks of Christmas” initiative, which employs some of their more than 40,000 users to commit random acts of kindness through the holiday season.

“In the past few months we have seen an excellent amount of growth, in terms of revenue, in terms of user base, in terms of general outreach to Canadians,” says Muneeb Mushtaq, CEO of Ask for Task. “At this point in time when everyone is in the spirit of giving, we wanted to leverage the people that we have in our community and get them to help out Canadians any way possible during the festive season.”

Some of the other pro bono tasks that are being pursued by the online network — which allows “askers” to employ “taskers” for small jobs like taking out the garbage or picking up groceries — include shoveling stranger’s driveways, giving people free rides to and from the airport, topping up parking meters near their King West office, helping the elderly with their holiday decorations, and supplying food and clothing to the homeless.

“For startups like us, it’s really important to get involved in activities like this because not only are we recognizing what we have gained from Canadians, but it is also a way for us as a team to bond and collaborate on something amazing,” adds Mushtaq.

Ask for Task’s 12 Tasks of Christmas initiative is already underway and will continue into January. Anyone who has a special request for someone in need this holiday season can email Ask for Task’s public relations specialist Nicolina Savelli at

“If they feel that there’s a family that could really benefit from say taking down their decorations or wrapping gifts or even going Christmas shopping for them than that would be something we would want to consider,” she says. “Anything that’s in the giving spirit.”