Staycation: how to stay sane, relaxed and focused all year long

As a frenzied business person, you may fantasize about taking six months off one day to live in a Portuguese villa and make up for the ten years you’ve worked without a vacation.

That one day will never come and you know it.

But there are other ways to take a break: regular staycations. Staycations allow people to stay home and manage their business but still rejuvenate and relax, and do so without the stresses of travel. If you string these single days off together over a one year period, they can be key to staying sane and in control of your business.

Staycations can take many forms. You can take one extra day off every week. Or you can take half days off a couple of times per week. If you’re really brave, and less of a control freak (just kidding!) you can take two days off per week PLUS a half day here and there. For those who want to throw the whole “small business rulebook” out the window, you can take a week off, Staycation style, while still being close enough to home to deal with any emergencies that might crop up.

Essentially, all you have to do is remain close enough to your business, while being smart enough to know that you need to recharge your batteries.

Here are five tips on how to have a fantastic staycation:

Take a two day course on indoor rock climbing. The training is in a group environment so you may meet some new friends and enjoy some team activity time. This is something you can do anytime you take a staycation day. Challenge yourself with higher and higher walls.

Who doesn’t love a massage? Take a half day and go to Body Blitz and get a shiatsu massage, have lunch and lay around in your bathrobe by the pool (if you close your eyes you can pretend you’re in Portugal).

Who doesn’t love hot springs? Try the Scandinave Spa-an amazing hot springs spa with an entire menu of healing and relaxing treatments to choose from. Or just soak until your fingers turn into prunes.

Pretend you’re a tourist in your own city. Take a bus tour. Go on a walking tour-find out who named your city and why. Spend the day soaking up valuable information for your next workshop, then dazzle people with your well-rounded knowledge.

Culturize yourself: attend a spoken word/poetry reading (aka poetry slam) in your vicinity. Take a tour of the local museum. Attend a gallery opening or fundraiser. See number four — impress others with your well-rounded knowledge.

Commit to making your staycation a regular event every week or two, and stick to it. You’ll be so surprised how grounded, relaxed and focused you are once you take the time to enjoy yourself. You don’t have to spend two weeks in Cuba to make up for a long stretch in the desert of self-employment. Create your own oasis, and visit it often.

Eleanor Healy is the founder of Truly Me — holistic support services for busy people. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Reiki Master/Teacher in Toronto.

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