A fix-it app for the construction industry

Drywall cracks, chips in paint and nail pops. In the building construction industry these defects are known as deficiencies, and... [Read More]
Posted: August 19, 2014
by Barb Gormley

Toronto website seeks small business buyers and sellers

When Nunzio Presta was looking to sell Fame&Rumour — a men’s polo shirt business he and a friend launched in... [Read More]
Posted: August 5, 2014
by Andrew Seale

THE UPDATE: JM & Sons focus on exports, e-commerce stor...

Opening up a retail store had been the dream for JM & Sons — a Toronto furniture startup known for... [Read More]
Posted: August 4, 2014
by Jared Lindzon

Toronto startup sees billions in used iPhone marketplace

In the never-ending cycle to own "the latest" iPhone, a Toronto startup sees billions to be made. Not in the... [Read More]
Posted: July 29, 2014
by Jared Lindzon

“Companies who export survive”: Why Canadian com...

Canadian businesses are lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to exporting, but small and medium enterprises... [Read More]
Posted: July 24, 2014
by Jared Lindzon
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