Clean 2013: Five simple tips for living a better, healthier life this year

January holds anticipation and hope.  You might already be drawing up plans for your business and all the fresh opportunities you’d like to pursue in the next twelve months.  But one thing may be holding you back.  You feel sluggish, bloated and tired.  You have a winter hangover.  In order to reset what I call your inner “healthometer” and kick start yourself into entrepreneurial motion again, try these quick fixes.  The five steps are simple and extremely effective, so start today and turn your dial back to first-rate!

1. Lemon water

Take a fresh lemon, preferably organic, and cut it into wedges. Take one wedge, squeeze it into a glass of room temperature water, and drink the mixture on an empty stomach 20 minutes before you eat breakfast.  Lemons are a natural detoxifier that can help you gently cleanse your liver. Once it’s running more efficiently, your digestion and your energy levels will follow suit.

2. Add vegetables

Another way to adjust yourself after weeks of indulgence is adding extra greens to your diet. Vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fibre – all important nutrients to get you back on track.  Eat soup? Add-in kale, broccoli, celery, basil, oregano, sweet potato, or zucchini. Enjoy Smoothies? Pack them full of greens and fruit.  This makes for a great way to eat those foods you might not like, but which taste fine when mixed with what you do enjoy. Then add veggies to your sandwiches, as a snack and with each meal. See how many times you can eat a serving of vegetables in one day!

3. Eat the right carbs

Make a choice to eat complex carbohydrates.  Simply put, this means brown rice instead of white rice, 100% whole grain bread instead of white bread and 100% whole grain pasta instead of regular pasta.  Why? Complex carbs provide fibre, a steady source of energy and a full spectrum of nutrients to help your body feel great.  Eating these keep you regular, help you feel full and aid in trimming excess winter weight.

4. Drink more water

You can probably double the amount water you’re drinking currently and still not reach the recommended daily total. Your body is 75 per cent H2O, and it needs plenty of it to function.  Water is crucial for proper blood pressure, digestion, hormones… you name it. So,  to put it simply, drink more to feel better.

5. Move your body

Whether it’s a regular exercise routine, walking up the office stairs, parking further away from your destination or doing housework, commit to moving your body every day.  You don’t have to lock yourself into a four year contract at the gym, just stay on the lookout for ways to be more active, and keep moving! The first four tips feed the body and help you feel great, but the exercise brings it all together so your body can really get you where you want to go this year.

 Eleanor Healy is the founder of Truly Me-holistic support services for busy people. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Reiki Master/Teacher in Toronto with over a decade of experience supporting people during stressful times.  As a former child and youth care worker, she noticed that frequently her co-workers would fall ill from stress (including her). This experience motivated her to remind other caregivers and holistic practitioners not to forget their most precious clients-themselves! With plenty of experience successfully navigating the choppy waters of burnout, she offers practical tips on how to put yourself back together again and more importantly, how to stay balanced in a demanding world.Follow Eleanor on Facebook, visit her website  and sign- up for the email list on her page-you’ll receive a free e-booklet with tips for staying healthy and balanced! Or email your questions/comments to